Australian Twins Anna And Lucy DeCinque Show A Boyfriend

These Aussie Twins Are Making he’s Kinky AF dreams become a reality – No Judgment, Though

The Story

Saddle upwards, young men, ‘cause this one’s about to get odd. A recent element on Australian tv about twins (and the thing that makes these dynamic duos different) in addition revealed the uncommon story of two Aussie similar twin siblings, Anna and Lucy DeCinque, that do every little thing collectively, dress similar, and even discuss… a boyfriend.

Yep. You study that right. Someplace right here, there is a dude likely to area on two ladies whom seem precisely the same then asleep with all of all of them within their «very king-size» sleep. The video below gets into a few of the more TV-appropriate details, making out whether or not they do, in fact, perform *everything* collectively. So we have no idea whether this guy is in fact living on a lot of people’s fantasies nowadays… but he could possibly be. Take a visit:

The Snapshot

The Lesson

We inhabit 2016, meaning it’s already the future, and let me make it clear: the long term is full of only positively gobstoppingly weird items that will make your ancestors have a dang old-timey coronary attack if they could just notice it. iPhones, hoverboards, vape pens, man-buns, and a set of Aussie twins hypothetically having threesomes with just one dude.

Nevertheless know very well what? Every single their own freakin’ own, guy. If they have a situation worked out in which every person’s pleased (and clearly they hadn’t already been happy in earlier times matchmaking individual men) and everybody’s a consenting sex, next great on it. They may be living their utmost physical lives and not givin’ a f*ck; we should all be therefore happy.

Though should they previously break-up… that’s gonna be twice because complicated as an ordinary separation. 

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